First Day

First Day

This week I lived through my 19th first day of school as a high school educator, and, except for my very first year, I don't ever remember being more anxious about the start of a year. It was fine...just very different. The halls were empty, and the only students in my classroom were my own [...]



This morning, our high school had the first of two graduation ceremonies. Because the class is so large (around 1100 students) social distancing procedures required that graduation be split into two. Watching the first ceremony on the Internet this morning was surreal. The chairs spread out all over the football field so graduates were not [...]


Imagine the following scene in a high school classroom near you. "Good morning class! My name is Mr. T and welcome to US History. I can see some of you looking around the room for your old teacher, Mr. O. He's been fired, and I'll be taking his place. Let me tell you, this class [...]


Today, I started the fifth week of school. I managed to survive the first four weeks, and I finally feel like I'm mostly caught up...for now. As any teacher can tell you, there is always work to do, even over the summer. It just happens from time to time that there may not be anything [...]


A couple of years ago, my social studies department head asked if I would be interested in representing our school and department at the school district's annual job fair. I work in a large, well respected district. Thousands of people drive fairly long distances in order to have an opportunity to work in our district. I [...]


I don't really like to travel. Okay, that's not completely accurate. I enjoy visiting different locations away from home. I just don't enjoy the travelling part of travel. I need to get a teleportation device of some kind to beam me where I want to go. At any rate, I am currently in Louisville, Kentucky [...]


When my wife and I found out that our first born was going to be a boy, we did what every set of parents does...we tried to pick a name. We could have just named him after me, but I'm a Junior, and I really didn't want a Third. We probably had more difficulties than [...]


When I was in the second grade, I had a blue pair of KangaROOS sneakers. (Remember those?) I thought they were the coolest thing in the world because they had this little side pocket that zipped up that I could put stuff in...very small stuff, but whatever. They were cool and that’s all I cared [...]


This blog has been a long time coming...a really, really long time. About ten years ago I had a blog of the same name on a different site that I used to post pictures that I took at Longhorn football games. That was fun for a while, then my son happened. Before you have kids, [...]