Dress Codes

Dress Codes

Trying to look on the bright side of life here... One of the nice things about teaching high school from a distance is that I can really focus on the content and how I am delivering it. While recording my lessons, if I mess up, I can stop and do it over. I also don't [...]



Since I teach social studies, it happens from time to time that I can use current events as real life application for what we're doing in class. I actually wish it would happen a little more often, but for AP US History, we don't spend much time at all on recent events, and for AP [...]


Today, I started the fifth week of school. I managed to survive the first four weeks, and I finally feel like I'm mostly caught up...for now. As any teacher can tell you, there is always work to do, even over the summer. It just happens from time to time that there may not be anything [...]


I told myself once that if I ever decided to quit teaching, I would not make that decision during the school year. Why? Because even though the school year is mentally and physically draining... Because even though by the time May begins, I'm marking off the days on my calendar until summer break begins... Because [...]


A couple of years ago, my social studies department head asked if I would be interested in representing our school and department at the school district's annual job fair. I work in a large, well respected district. Thousands of people drive fairly long distances in order to have an opportunity to work in our district. I [...]


I don't really like to travel. Okay, that's not completely accurate. I enjoy visiting different locations away from home. I just don't enjoy the travelling part of travel. I need to get a teleportation device of some kind to beam me where I want to go. At any rate, I am currently in Louisville, Kentucky [...]