I was asked recently about my favorite work of art and why it is my favorite. This one stumped me for a bit. If what they meant by “art” is painting, sculpture, and other such works, I don’t really have a favorite. I went to the art museum with a friend once. That, for me, was an expensive way to realize that “art” in the traditional sense is not my thing. I’ll see a realistic looking painting every now and then that catches my eye. To have that kind of talent is amazing to me. I’m just not interested in spending time with “art.”

I do like photography quite a bit. I’ve never taken the time to fully develop (get it?) photography as a hobby, but I do enjoy taking pictures and looking at really creative shots when I see them. It’s fun for me to think about how the image was composed.

If we can expand the meaning of the word “art” a bit to include music, movies, books and the like, then we’re getting somewhere.

With music, I have a pretty wide range that I enjoy. Mostly, it depends on what I’m doing. If I’m lifting weights, I’ll typically want something with a fast pace that I can play loudly. If I’m hanging by the pool, I’ll probably choose something more relaxing. You get the idea. I used to be a little more picky with the music I listen to, but since my hearing has been deteriorating for the past few years, mostly it’s the beat that I listen to.

For movies, I’m a typical guy. I either want to laugh out loud or I want to watch fights and explosions. Bonus points if you can combine the two.

Now with books, this is a big one for me. I’m a bit of a collector, especially with history books. I don’t exclusively read nonfiction…just mostly. I’m actually okay with history books being a little boring as long as the research is good. Sometimes good historical research is done by folks who just aren’t that good at writing. With fiction, if I’m taking the time to read a novel, it can’t be boring.

After all of this discussion, I haven’t actually answered the question. I heard the saying years ago, “Don’t answer the question asked of you, answer the question you wish had been asked.” That’s basically what I’ve done here. I do have an answer to the question about my favorite work of art that will not be satisfying at all.

I don’t pick favorites.

I don’t have a favorite song, a favorite movie, or a favorite book. I don’t have a favorite ice cream flavor, color, or anything thing else that I can think of right now. Like I was trying to say, it just depends on how I feel and what’s on my mind. I just really don’t pick favorites.

Oh, except for peanut butter…I do have a favorite peanut butter.

Peter Pan. Crunchy.