Don’t Panic!

When I was little, I remember my older brother was a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That, in and of itself, wasn’t particularly memorable. What I remember most was the pin he had that said “Don’t Panic!” He let me wear it once, and I thought it was so cool. Then, like any respectable older brother, he took it back from me before I was ready to give it up. I don’t remember for sure, but I probably cried. I cried about most things when I was little.

I saw the movie version of Hitchhiker’s Guide a few years ago when it came on cable, but I’d never read the book. I’d intended to for years, but just never did. Recently, I decided that at the ripe old age of 42 (the meaning of life, the universe and everything), it was the right time to remedy the situation. I finished it over the course of about two days last week.

The book itself is nonsensically funny, but in light of everything that is going on in 2020, there was one passage that struck me as very timely.

Don’t Panic.

“I’m not panicking!”

“Yes, you are.”

“All right, so I’m panicking, what else is there to do?”

Exchange between Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent in chapter 5 after the Earth had been demolished.

With all that has happened, I’m pretty sure I’ve been on both sides of that exchange with multiple people already in the seven and a half months of this year.


Don’t Panic!

Murder Hornets

Don’t Panic!

Teaching from home

Don’t Panic!

As I write this, virtual school (we’re not even back in person yet) has been called off for at least the next two days because there is a potential category 3 hurricane bearing down on us. No joke, here is what one of the local weather blogs (that I read nearly daily) wrote about the storm earlier today.

We are still in line for anything from a glancing blow to direct major hurricane landfall. Bottom line: This is time for preparedness and action, not panic. (emphasis added)

Douglas Adams couldn’t have said it better himself.

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  1. It has been half a generation since I read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide” perhaps it is time to revisit it.

    You know, prayer is not really my thing, but I am thinking of you and I hope you and yours are well when the wind and rain have gone.

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