One Day

There’s so much that I want to write, that I’m having a hard time writing anything at all.

There is a new normal for so many people right now.

I’m having to learn how to teach two Advanced Placement classes remotely while also trying to help my wife (who is remotely working as a school counselor) keep our own kids on track with their schooling. At the same time we’re trying to keep our distance from others so that we are not part of the problem.

Our kids are bored and want to go play with their friends, but we’ve been very open with them from the beginning. They understand why they can’t. That doesn’t make it any easier.

And still, we don’t have it that bad. We have jobs. We have food. We have shelter. And most importantly, we have our health. Not everyone is so fortunate. Many small businesses and their employees face an uncertain future, along with every one else. Many, many people are very sick. The list goes on.

There’s so much uncertainty right now, and the situation is difficult for so many to grasp.

Yet, there is reason for hope. We will get through this.


One day at a time.

We’ve been here before. Maybe not our generation so much. But humanity has been through much, much worse, and we’re still here.

In the short term, things will likely get worse, but in the long term, we’ll be okay. We’ll come back stronger and smarter. Ideally, we’ll learn from this so that we can prevent these sorts of calamities.

I keep telling my son that 20 years from now, he’ll be able to tell his own kids how he made it through all of this. It will just be another memory. A blip on the radar.

He’ll be able to tell them how we made it through. One day at a time.