This New House

I typically use the time during Spring Break to relax and get recharged for the final quarter of the school year. I guess I have done that to a certain extent so far this week, but we are also still using the break to get things situated in our (relatively) new house.

Sunday was the one year anniversary of us moving into our new house. We bought our first house not long before we were married and lived there for five years. It was a new house, so there was not much in the way of maintenance. We lived in our next house for nine and a half years, and we had a one year old when we moved in there. That whole move in experience is a complete blur now. That house was used, and it seemed like I was constantly fixing something. It wasn’t quite a money pit, but it was close.

This time has been a little…no, a lot…different. I wanted a new house again so that at least I would know what the problems were, and the builder would have to fix anything that went wrong the first year. We also have two kids who are old enough to have opinions (and let us know what they are). The house is slightly bigger, and the yard is much smaller. I’m not complaining about either.

Just trying to figure out where everyone is going to sleep has been an ordeal. Our daughter was originally in one of the upstairs bedrooms, but she didn’t like how far away from us she was even though it’s about the same as it was in our old house. She kept waking us up in the middle of the night saying she was scared. So we moved her to the spare bedroom downstairs just a few months ago. Nevertheless, she still ends up sleeping on the floor in our room multiple nights per week. She’s nine.

This means that our son basically has the upstairs to himself. He’ll be twelve this summer, and starting junior high school in the fall. Him having that kind of space is fine for now, but we’re waiting for any signs that he may need his sister back upstairs to keep him on his toes.

And then there’s all of the wasted space that the builder left. We have four different attic spaces. Our HVAC is in one, and you have to get a ladder to reach the other. But either of the other two would be perfect to build out as a bigger game room or another bedroom.

I made the mistake of saying this out loud shortly after we moved in. My wife called a contractor this week to see how much it would cost to convert the space over the garage. It’s more than I’d like to spend, but if I do some of the work myself, we can cut some of the cost down. So much for buying a new house that I would not have to work on for a while. But the extra space for the kids and their friends will be good.