It seems I’ve taken an unexpected hiatus from my blog for a while…not that I expect many people noticed or cared. And that’s fine by me. Sometimes we just need a break, even from things that we really enjoy doing.

Writing here is as much therapy as anything else. A friend of mine asked me one time who my audience is. I told him I really didn’t care. Anyone who wants to take (waste?) the time reading this is welcome, and if no one ever does, that’s okay too. I write for me more than for others. Selfish? Possibly, but aren’t we all just a little bit?

Sometimes I just have things that keep running through my head, and I don’t know how else to relieve the burden of the thought. Writing about it helps. Sharing seems to also.

Sometimes I just have a funny (IMHO) story to tell. If no one else thinks it’s funny, that’s okay.

But ultimately, I want this to be organic, not contrived. I’ve tried putting myself on a writing schedule in the past. It works for a while, but then it feels forced and more than a little fake at some point.

And I think that’s why I took my break from writing here in the first place. I was writing quite a bit this summer before I hit a wall. I just needed to gather my thoughts for a bit and find some peace in my head.

There really is no point to this post other than to say I plan to be back here a little more often in the coming weeks and months, but not on any particular schedule or routine. I have enough routine in my normal life. I need to be a little more random when I’m not at work. It’ll help keep me sane.