I intended to write more often in 2019. Not so much a resolution…just a desire to get these random thoughts out of my head. There’s a saying about good intentions, but hopefully that doesn’t apply here.


Instead, much of my new year has been absorbed by my wife and I deciding (with the help of our kids) to move. Not far…just a fresh start so to speak. Of course there’s more to it than that.

Kicking back
What I’d rather be doing…minus the slippers…and the flannel.

My wife and I are both educators at the same school. I’m a teacher. She’s a counselor. We don’t currently live in the attendance zone for the school where we work, but we do live in the same school district. Our district allows us to send our kids to schools in the attendance zone where we work. We bring them to work with us, and they ride a shuttle to their respective schools.

It’s pretty great, actually…unless we change schools. Just in case one or both of us change schools before we retire…which is absolutely possible…we don’t want the kids to have to switch attendance zones. That happened with our son two and a half years ago when I switched schools, and I think he’s still mad at me. So we’ve decided to move into the attendance zone we work in. This means I could end up having a current student as a neighbor at some point, but I think that will be okay. I think…

At any rate, it’s been almost ten years since we moved into our house, and it’s amazing how much crap you can acquire in that amount of time. I’ve lost track of how much we’ve donated, sold, and thrown out, but we still have a way to go. And right now, we’re just trying to get the house ready to show. Actually moving is going to be a nightmare!

Or, we’ll just hire movers.

This would be helpful.

Before we worry about that, we have to sell our house, find a new one, get a loan, set closing dates, change utilities over, pack everything up, and complete the seemingly infinitesimal number of tasks that goes with moving. I don’t know how some people do this so often.

How this whole process feels.

But back to my original statement…I do intend to write more. Moving may just be the dominant theme until this is over.