I realized recently that despite the name of and inspiration for this website, I’ve never really actually written anything about football or any other sport. Today, I’m going to right this wrong…or write this wrong…whichever.

Football was one of the big selling points of the University of Texas when I was trying to pick the college I wanted to go to when I graduated from high school. I know this sounds really superficial and probably a little stupid, but it was all I had. Neither of my parents went to college so I didn’t have a lot of help in choosing colleges, majors, etc. in this pre-Internet era. I went with what I knew, and what I knew at the time was that the University of Texas had a very rich, storied program that tended to win more than they lost. That was good enough for me. The rest, as they say, is history.

At one of the games this season, the lady who sits next to me asked how long I’ve been attending UT football games. Until then, I’d never really given it much thought. Four years as an undergrad…season ticket holder for seventeen of the past eighteen seasons…for a total of twenty one years. I just turned forty one in October, so I’ve been going to UT football games for just over half of my life. Sure I’ve missed many home games over the years, but I’ve been to more than I’ve missed. Time well spent if you ask me.

An actual “Scene From The Fourth Row”

So to say that UT football has been a big part of my life, might be a bit of an understatement. That said, I’m not a crazy, face painted, yelling, screaming fanatic. I just really enjoy the game.

But my interest has been waning the past few seasons, and I really didn’t understand why until recently. I realized toward the end of this 2018 season, that I haven’t been as interested in UT football because the football team hasn’t been very good for a while. I started to think that maybe mediocrity was going to be the new normal.

My junior year at Texas is the same year that Ricky Williams won the Heisman and broke Tony Dorsett’s all time rushing record against Texas A&M. (I was at that game.) It was also the beginning of a very long winning streak and a National Championship during the 2005 season. Then around 2010 there was a long, dismal decline.

Which brings us to this season. I actually had something to cheer for. It was great! I’m still going to remain cautious about the prospects of the team going forward, but 9 wins, a trip to the conference championship game, and a trip to the Sugar Bowl isn’t bad for a team that missed being bowl eligible a couple of years ago. Now if they can figure out a way to beat Georgia (I’m laughing as I type this btw), that would be a great ending to a really good season.