I used to love going to the movies. In high school and college, the movie theater was my go to location if I was bored. At home, I had a nice collection of VHS tapes (dating myself here) and DVDs that I would watch over and over. Adulthood, career, and marriage didn’t slow down my movie watching…having kids did.

I should be fair here. I still watch movies all the time. They just happen to be animated.

Needless to say, I’ve gotten a bit behind on my movie watching in the past decade or so. Earlier this summer, when my wife took the kids to Arizona for four and a half days to see her best friend, I decided to watch a movie or two.

I watched eight movies…and stuff blew up in ALL of them. (I HAD to make use of the big screen and surround sound that I installed upstairs for football watching. It works great for action flicks too.)

When the family got back, I promised myself I would continue catching up on movies that I’ve wanted to see…but I would do it at a more reasonable pace. My wife and I have watched a few more movies in the evenings after the kids go to bed. So far this summer I’ve watched more non-animated movies than I have since our son was born seven years ago. And with the ones my wife and I have watched recently stuff did NOT blow up in most of them.

We have Netflix, and we have found that the local library is a good place to rent movies for free…if you can find something that you want to watch. I’ve found a few. The most recent movie that my wife and I watched was Boyhood. I knew the basic premise of the movie, and I found it interesting that they were able to get the same actors to come back year after year for 12 years. That’s some serious commitment. I’d heard mixed comments from my friends and others about the film. Most said it was a little too long . A few said that there was no point. My wife agreed with both of these opinions. She generally did not like the movie.

I did. I thought Richard Linklater did a really good job of capturing many parts of ordinary life and putting it on screen. One complaint I’d heard about Boyhood was that there was no closure to the film. Well, that’s life…the only closure being death.

Anyway, my wife was disgusted enough at the end of the movie that I’ll probably let her pick the next movie we watch…as long as it’s not too mushy…and stuff blows up.