This blog has been a long time coming…a really, really long time.

About ten years ago I had a blog of the same name on a different site that I used to post pictures that I took at Longhorn football games. That was fun for a while, then my son happened. Before you have kids, people try to tell you that they will change your life, but until you actually have them, you can’t quite comprehend what that means. What it meant to me was that I didn’t have the time, energy, or patience to sit around, edit pictures, and post them on the Internet. There were other things that were more important to me. The process was also a little redundant, so I eventually discontinued the site, but I never lost interest in the idea of sharing my interests with people.

Fast forward almost seven years and another child later. Our two kids are finally at the point where I actually have moments where I sit and think to myself, “There’s nothing I HAVE to do right now.” It’s a nice feeling for a parent to have.

I often have difficulty getting started with projects like this. My original intent was to start this blog up over the summer of 2014. Obviously that didn’t happen. I had to convince myself to quit being lazy. I guess I did. Because this has been so long in coming, some of the early posts are drafts that I wrote a few months ago without posting them. Now I will.

I hope you enjoy my blog, but if you don’t, then stop reading it!

One quick note on the name…it is a reference to where I sit at Longhorn football games. I kept the name because I also think it is representative of me in many ways…whatever that means.